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Building aircraft and flying them is a skill that is over a hundred years old.

Only part of the information is in those "official" regulations. Most of it is good aviation practice. Using this knowledge accumulated in practice makes construction and aircraft safer to use. So why would you reinvent gunpowder? The old gunpowder is on these pages in both Finnish and Swedish.

The motto is; Safety is not created by regulations or restrictions but by attitude and the correct information. Pseudo-information or impossible regulations cause wrongly implemented solutions or, as a reaction circumventing the rules.

HTH is a non-profit organisation, organised as cooperative entity. It is more stable than associations, as matters in aviation need more time than one election season. We collect and edit materials for hobby aviators and aircraft builders in Finland. And publish them under Creative commons license. You as english speaker, only Pik-28 , Aviation rescue card. and mayby some EASA rule compilations (like SAO, NCO, SERA) are directly usable.

The material contains information that has already been tried and tested worldwide. Edited by our team of experts and delivered to the best of their knowledge.

We also help with individual projects if possible.

Contents is in finnish/swedish:


give us an email if you so wish.


Pik28 an open source aircraft plans.

Aviation rescue card here.