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Pik-28 aircraft philosophy

This aircraft is designed to be easily built and fun to fly. Today and in near future. This is achieved using power plants that are available today and now. But energy system is designed so that liquid bio fuels are compatible with everything.

Carbon neutral aircraft is possible for DIY builder. Feasible solution is to use biofuel in combustion engine. Resulting aircraft is usable if this requirement is taken into account from start of design process. Engines are not yet today ready for this, but if you select an engine, that can use leadfree petrol, then it potentially ready for biofuel conversion.

All data, plans and drawings are provided with CERN Open Hardware License. See in more details in License.

Means to archive the easy built goal are:

Fun to fly

This is a bit more complicated to prove. As we do not have anything available for test flight. Which is the only true evidence you should believe.

Some design guidelines we have followed to archieve this are: