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Pik-28 aircraft license

Plans for this airplane are open. Plans for this airplane are free of charge. You can freely look at them, print them, share, adapt (and use them).

We only want to know who are using them for construction and usually authorities want to know that builder has right for the plans.

We want to know who is building this airplane, as we might need to pass vital information to builders and users about upgrades to plans and vital information about continued airworthiness.

Therefore, we demand that each person wanting to build this airplane using these plans acquires a license from us. License to built gives you the right to built one airplane and you receive a serial number for your airplane. License to use these plans is free. But the license holder is required to periodically tell us what is the situation of airplane.

Request free building license using email from . Needed information are; Name, Location, country, email address.

Questions can also be sent to this email.

Our license is of type CERN Open Hardware license, strongly-reciprocal CERN-OHL-S

See description here.

licenses granted:

Country codes used are ISO codes.

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