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Pik-28 bought in parts

Here you can find hinsts / sources for the parts documentation defines for the aircraft.

Main landing gear legs

Grove Aircraft Landing gear Systems, link. Ordering drawing will be added.

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Fuel tanks

Rubberbag tank, with all connectors. Ordering with drawing. Made by M.E.RIN srl in Italy. link

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FIA race seat. Seat made to this standard have all same side mounting, so seats are all compatible. Fuselage width is critical, so check carefully of this dimension (shoulder height width. Fixed mount, crash proof.

Cobra Nogaro. FIA "raceseat" type Cobra Nogaro. This is narrow at shoulder heigh. Available with heating and in several colours. (black, red, grey, blue). Available as light (5,3 kg, 4600 $) or heavier (10,2 kg 1250 $) vesions. link

Other possibilities. With same mount. But check dimensions, so that it will fit cockpit. Some FIA seats have wide horns at shoulder level, which are not necessary in aircraft and are not compatible with the space available.

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Safety belts

Can be ordered according to requirements. E.g. from Gadringer.

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