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Pik-28 required/useful tools

Design tools.

Building site

Most important tool for succesful building project is suitable building site. Good place is nearby your home and has suitable conditions. Space should allow working around wing (or fuselage) from every direction. Ventilation and temeperature must be suitable.

If you have carage or any other space available. Fine.

If not and you live in detached house (stand-alone house), and some room in backyeard, here is something to think about. This aircraft is so small, that a 40 foot seacontainer can be used for building site. 40 ft seacontainer is 12 m long, 2.4 m wide and 2,5 m high. Structure is selfsupporting, so you basically need only four cornerstones, which are needed to get container to level attitude. Dimensions allow installation of insulation (if climate dictates). Good ventilation and good lighting are mandatory additions. You should find used containers, search web. Some examples: UK. Germany. Australia. USA. .

Here some tips what to use.

Shaping fuselage corner lath

Sides of fuselage longitudinal laths must be inclined, so that it will on the plywood next to it. This can be accomplished by:

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Tightening of cover fabric

Covering fabric needs controlled heating to get it tight. An adjustable flatiron is good. A special iron used for ski bottom waxing (see here) is also good. Esim tämä.

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Shaping corner plywood edge

And for many other use. Ja moneen muuhunkin ns japanilainen vetohöylä. Esim tästä Plektra tai täältä..

Cross line laser

For several measumements you need good reference line. It can be created using common building site tool, Cross Line Laser. It is available from (all) building tool manufacturer. This is on sample, SKILL 1910 AA. Basic tool does not come with a tripod. Consider getting it, if you do not have it already.

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