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For aircraft designers

This page is to describe what software tools are used in the design process. According to philosophy of our aircraft, so that design can be continued and upgraded.

Design software

This does not include all basic tools, only more specific to aircraft design process used in the design of our aircraft.

Program where used available from
Rhinoceros 3D CAD program
Linair 4 Aerodynamic sizing of wing and tail. Desktop aerodynamics, not anymore available
MultiSurface Aerodynamics Aerodynamic sizing of wing and tail.
DELFTship Used during fuselage design to make plywood shapes developable. I.e. so that they can be bent from flat sheet.
MH- Aerotools JavaFoil Profile value calculations
Algor FEM tool, sizing of parts Not anymore separate program.
RhinoCFD Refining of aerodynanamic details

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